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Life has many challenges.  We can’t help with the world’s problems, but we can change YOUR world. You have enough to worry about, don’t let your teeth be one of them.

Meet Right Bite Dentures

Welcome to Right Bite Dentures, your teeth are more than a smile, it’s your lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of Ontario and Baker City, Oregon, we’re a veteran-owned business that brings over 30 years of dental expertise to your denture needs. Our core values of empathy, excellence, and innovation guide us in providing personalized denture solutions with a warm, understanding approach.

Empathy at Our Core

 We understand the journey to finding the perfect dentures can be filled with sensitivities and challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to listening to your needs and addressing them with the utmost care and respect.

Excellence in Dental Solutions

After 60 plus years combined experience we have all learned the only way to achieve excellence is through listening. When a patient provider relationship is based on communication the result is excellence.

Pride in Our Service and Technology

 Service is our top priority, underscored by our commitment to state-of-the-art digital denture technology. Our on-site laboratory ensures quality control and swift turnaround, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction.

At Right Bite Dentures, we’re more than just a denture care center, we’re your partners in rediscovering the confidence to smile brightly. Let us help you solve your denture-related problems with expertise, care, and cutting-edge solutions.


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We proudly served our country in the world’s greatest Navy. The most valuable lesson that we learned was “I have your back.” We may not be able to give you a raise, a day off, or change your perspective on the current state of affairs, but we can give you confidence. This confidence is established through understanding your dental needs, the way that you’re treated from start to finish, and the quality of the work we provide.

We have implemented this life lesson into Right Bite Dentures. Our goal is to restore confidence in YOUR smile. We do this by striving for the best service, quality, and technology for each patient. If you’re not happy, neither are we.

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Contact us for a Free consultation in either Ontario, Oregon or Baker City, Oregon.

Our Denturists will listen to your concerns, and help establish a customized treatment plan specific for your needs and budget.

Life changing results, and we will always “have your back”.

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Without making a change your tomorrow will feel like today...

Make the change that YOU deserve.

Enjoy your smile again, eat without pain, and restore your confidence!

Your smile means everything. It shows in your happiness, laughter, and spirit. And since it means everything to you, it means everything to us.

Enjoy your smile again, eat without pain, and come to the place, dentist’s trust.

Denture Coordination Partnership Offices

We have great working relationships with many providers in the area. If your needs are outside of our job scope we can help coordinate any procedure needed.


There are a few reasons why your dentures might be loose or are not fitting correctly. Over time your gums (gingiva) change. This can be from weight loss/gain, and naturally the bones in your jaw can recede over time. The American Dental Association suggests that dentures get evaluated every 5-7 years. We can reline your dentures in the same day in most cases. Contact us to schedule a free consultation 541-889-3750.


Dentures can hurt for a variety of reasons. Ill-fitting dentures are the most common reason. This can be fixed by a simple adjustment, or it can be as extreme as you needing a reline, rebase, or new set of dentures. Even people who take meticulous care of their dentures and gums may experience these issues. Call us to set up a free consultation 541-889-3750.

Possibly. Everyone’s insurance coverage’s are different. We suggest that you review your policy. You can always make an appointment for a free no obligation consultation, and we can discuss insurance and financing options with you.

Many patients are only missing a couple of teeth and we can help restore function and that pretty smile. Right Bite Dentures offers many options for partial dentures including metal framework, all acrylic, and flexible. Make an appointment today.

This is a relevant term. Dentures can last many years with the proper care. The American Dental Association suggests that dentures should be evaluated every 5-7 years. By having a denturist evaluate your dentures it can prolong the life of the prosthetic. Schedule your free consultation with Right Bite Dentures today and we can help discuss your maintenance needs.

Many patients use paste or pads to help maintain a secure fit for their dentures. This can be necessary at times. However, the overall fitment of your dentures can adversely affect your overall health. The American Dental Association has found that oral health can have an effect on overall health including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Proper fitting dentures may reduce resorption of gingiva, reduce jaw pain, and aid in digestion of food.

Coming to Right Bite Dentures won’t change the world’s problems, but it will improve YOUR WORLD. We’re passionate about helping you feel more confident. Contact us today to start making the change.

We are thrilled to extend our dental care services to new patients. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care in a comfortable and friendly environment.

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